Hello! Salaam! Namaste! Sat Sri Kaal! Welcome....

In Summer 2020 a group of artists, community organisers, teachers, journalists, women and of South Asian Heritage from Bradford came together to put on a festival which celebrated our cultural heritage as a collective. The month-long festival covered themes on art, music, dance, storytelling, as well as inviting people to engage in conversations around our lived experiences with relevant historical, contemporary and geographical lenses.

In the midst of the lockdown, folks were itching to get involved with something. Local people wanted a space to connect and to be heard. We wanted to celebrate who we are and what we are about through storytelling and creative art making. Over 2020 & 2021 a small team of dedicated creative community organisers curated a month long festival programme, with a mixture of digital, audio and in-person events across multiple art and community settings in Bradford. In 2022, the team curated a full festival programme over the 'Azaadi' ('Freedom') weekend, marking the 75th year of Independence and Partition.

Our forum takes a borderless approach, yet recognises the importance of identity-related and place-based meaning-hood allowing us to locate ourselves & communities across local, global, political, ethnic and religious terrains. It is also a space for us, as diverse South Asian communities, to enjoy, be entertained, have fun and celebrate all of what makes us who we are. 'Our Stories, Our Culture, Our Way' - a space to tell stories where we can reclaim and rewrite the narratives that have traditionally been told about us. Bradford South Asian Festival is a gift to our communities, driven and led by British-South Asian's and we welcome people of all backgrounds to participate. At the heart of our festival is a commitment to inclusivity, diversity and community building.